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Butler Corporation in Adel, Iowa has worked on numerous construction projects for various residential clients. Most of our projects range from home improvement to property extension. Browse through our client testimonials and gallery to learn more about the quality of work we do.

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Nick is wonderful to work with. He does a great job and often goes above and beyond what is necessary to complete the job. We have used him for various projects around our home and we have recommended him to several friends and family. We are highly satisfied with his services and plan on using him in the near future!

- Brittany and Craig C.

Service from Butler Corporation is very professional. Work is finished with all the details. We are very happy with the service and would recommend to anyone.

- Sai P.

Nick has been a Godsend! We had a few missteps and false starts at the beginning, but once we truly communicated (and I quit changing my mind!) we got everything completed satisfactorily, professionally, and beautifully, even better than either of us saw it earlier in the original project.

Since then, I haven’t found anything that Nick can’t/won’t do: from silly little handyman odd jobs around my place, to major construction projects, and lots of things in between. Details are important, and Nick doesn’t disappoint: He always goes the extra mile to assure that the product he builds, delivers, or installs is complete and the very best he can make it. I have my “honey-do” list for him that will keep him busy a few weekends in the coming months. He is skilled and thorough, as well as dependable, patient, easy-going, thoughtful and kind. A good man.

- Susan H.

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